Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Potty Time!

This weekend was a weekend full of cool things! JD and Anne were doing their nightly bedtime routine (brush your teeth and go to the bathroom, etc) So, Anne sat on the potty and JD "I wanna go peeps too!" He sat on the big potty cover with all his clothes on exclaiming, "I use little potty" and then he DID!!! I couldn't believe it. He went on the potty!!!! Now do I encourage this movement because as some of you know he wears a brace (a full spinal brace) and it will be very difficult to remove and put back on each potty trip. What did other LP's do with the brace on? Oh, another LP chapter, I am not sure we are ready for!!!! It was still exciting !!!

We went and bought the "pup stairs" from Bed Bath and Beyond on Saturday, so JD is the same height as Anne when he is brushing his teeth, and making cake with us on Sunday. He is just loving his new stool! THanks Jaime for posting Caitlyn's stairs!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What a fun weekend!

I was reading Kim's post about the great weekend we had here in New England and thought I would tell you about what we did.

On Saturday we took the kids to the beach to fly some kites. Anne had the famous "My Little Pony" kite and JD was all too thrilled to fly "Go Diego Go" kite. The kids were so excited to fly these kites, the whole 5 minute ride to the beach! Well when we got to our location, Doug and I got to experience flying the kites while JD giggles and Anne said "cool Dad"...That is it, all the hoop-la, and nothing!!! JD ended up sitting and throwing rocks into the ocean and Anne and Dad ran up and down the beach. It was a beautiful day and there was even people there sun tanning in 58 degree weather...

On Sunday the kids took to the grill (oh, don't worry Auntie Debi a fisher price one) and we taught JD to say "order up". We had a picnic with mini oreos and water. It was such another nice day. I have attached pictures to show off the fun we have had.

Today at school, Beansprout University, JD and Anne competed in an obstacle course, I gave them each a medal (all 10 kids) for completing the course. JD really liked pushing the wheelbarrow in and out of the cones! On to the next course.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AAAAHHH Spring is here!

I had to attach a picture of what spring means to our family these days! The boat is in the yard! JD and Annie are so excited. Just a little cleaning up to do for Dad and the kids, (notice I say Dad and the kids...he he) then we (this is where I come in) can all enjoy sitting on the slip enjoying the spring weather.

JD loves his new SpongeBob life jacket. Though we looked high and low for one, we still need to find one that doesn't come right into his face. The poor kid will suffocate with it that close. For now, he is happy with his jacket. If anyone out there has a suggestion on a good one for an LP, please let me know!!

This will be the first year for the us with everyone walking!!! JD was not walking last summer and had to sit in a car seat most of the time. Maybe that was a good thing! LOL I am sure that I will be commenting on the good and bad of him walking on the boat. Hopefully he will love his freedom and of course, I will have to post a picture when he attempts fishing with his pole.

Also, if someone can help me post a video, I am having a heck of a time. JD can sing the ABC's backwards and I wanted to show it off. LOL The blogger keeps saying it is too big, and when I shrink it down it still doesn't work, ugh... : ( Can you tell I am a novice blogger? Oh well, I am still having fun doing it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here is one of my favorite recent photos of the kids. Anne is 4 and Jonathan (JD) is 2 1/2. Just to introduce ourselves to the blogging world. We are the happy parents of 2 children, Anne is Average Height and JD has achon. We found out about JD about a month before his planned CSection. It was so difficult those 3 1/2 weeks before he was born. We had no idea what to expect. The best day was the day he was born and the Doctor from the NICU (was there just in case) said to me "thumbs up, your baby is great and perfect. We have never been so happy to hear such reassuring words. JD had RSV at 6 weeks and we dealt with a pretty nasty New England winter his first year. We did hospital stays, synagis shots, more X rays than I care to count...All and All we have been blessed with a little boy that couldn't possibly make us happier. He didn't talk until he got tubes put in and now he does not stop...he is a TALKER...we laugh with the DR, ok, he proved his ears work, can we take them out?LOL He walk Halloween 07 and again is fast as can be. He wears a full spinal brace for kyphosis and has since January 2007. It slowed him way down in the beginning, but now he will occasionally ask for it. We are just happy that in the summer, (possibly for his 3rd bday) they believe the brace will come off!!! We can only hope!

I own a home Daycare/Preschool with 10 kids a day. It is busy and we always have something to do here! My husband is an IT professional and we have a dog and fish. I wanted to start a blog because I read all the ones on Tonya's blog and you all have inspired me to write. (which I am not confident about) so Here goes the trials and tribulations of Jill, Doug, Anne and JD!! Enjoy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Nerd alert??? :)

Well, I went to a Tastefully Simple party the other night, and while eating and chatting with some of the girls, I was invited to join a book club. The First book is actually something I have been wanting to read, and now I have incentive. In high school and college, I would read all the assigned books but could never give a great review of them. This club should be interesting for me and the others that I "entertain" with my thoughts. The book is Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. I have read "My Sister's Keeper" and thought it was good. Again, I won't bore you with my review, it won't be worth your time : ) So, on the last Wednesday of this month, I will join a book club. Am I old or what? Let's see how long it last for me. I hope to at least get some good reading out of it. With the summer coming and boat weather, I will have plenty of time to sit back and read a good book!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Memory King

Here is JD with his new favorite past time these days. He is a professional Spiderman Memory Game player. Watch out! In the past few days he can beat anyone he plays!!! He loves this game.
I thought I would start my blog out with something that made people smile. He is a really smart little boy and if playing MEMORY is what we have to do for the next 10 weeks then we will.
When JD gets a match he says "I win, I win" and when he flips over two unmatching cards he says "oh man, no match". Funny little kid. I will try and post this funny conversation, though being so new to blogging, I am not sure I can do it.
Until next time, enjoy!