Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ugh, did I mention that I don't like Hospitals...

First of all, let me say, my little man is doing well. Not the best experience we have had with anethesia...but I can tell you all later what I mean.

JD had an MRI supposed to last 40-60 minutes and it lasted about 3 hours....I will explain later.

All in all, he is fine was doing fine, but I will let you know a little secret, even though you call ahead, meet with doctors, anethesiologists, prep them, talk to them in their cars, on their cell phones, they DON'T do what they say they will do! ugh!

Maybe I will go to Medical school of some sort..........maybe just maybe.

JD is resting on the couch with a yucky tummy as he tells me, you know he isn't feeling well, he won't even eat an M&M!!!

More later, and Happy Halloween!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

MRI and doctors appointments

Ugh, some of you know already but we are taking JD to have a MRI this week. I hate doing all the anethesia stuff..etc....but somehow we do it and it gets done.

Our neurosurgeon has informed us that JD head is getting too big ...over the 2nd standard deviation for kids with achon. Ironically, his only sympton is a big tingling, numbness, headaches, lathargic...NOTHING. So, he wants to put in a shunt. ugh ugh. His reasoning, if JD's head gets too big too fast, he can have some serious problems down the road (maybe not tomorrow but maybe 5 years or 10 years one can know for sure) such as memory loss, cognitive issues, plus a big head with a little body, he might fall alot or children will be even meaner than the usual kids.

So, we are getting the MRI to see what is really going on inside and then we are taking him for a 2nd opinion to another great Hospital in Boston, on our Neuro's advice.

I was not taking this well when we heard the news...but it has been 3 weeks of thinking about it and well, we have to go and do what is right for Jonathan. We haven't screwed up yet, so I anticipate we will make the right decision for him with our very trusting doctor. (our DR has chatted with people in DE and we feel confident he has good info for us) I research everything, sometimes too much to make myself feel like I could intern in the neuro floor at one of the hospitals. Thank you all for your kind words that I have received as we go through this process. Having the MRI on Wednesday seems like such a piece of cake (his 3rd one) compared to a shunt...funny how things get into perspective.

In other plans, JD and Anne are dressing as Bumblebee the Transformer and Hannah Montana for Halloween which is my most favorite holiday, and doesn't look like it is either of my kids. No one wanted to wear their costume for a party we went to today. Oh well, I can hope they will still go trick or treating with me.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!