Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Happenings

We have had a lot of snow this past January. We had the chance to go to North Conway NH for 4 days. My In-laws rented a condo and we stayed there with them. Doug and I took the kids tubing! Anne loved it, JD not so much.

Anne built JD a snowman just his size in our front yard.

Grandpa making the most of the hills right in front of our condo...when you are in Rome, sled like the Romans...ok, maybe not, but Anne loved "sledding" on a shovel.

JD prior to the big "scream" down the tubing hill with Daddy.

Have fun going down the hill, JD and Daddy.

The hills that we up against....

Anne and I ready to hit the slopes!

And the best for last a couple of Pictures of JD being a "man"....see if you can tell what he is doing...LOL

We have had a busy month! We are going to take the kids to New Hampshire again, hopefully this month for more skiing and tubing. Enjoy the pictures!

Tag I am late being it....:)

The 4th folder and 4th picture in it, is a picture of JD when he first was trying to stand up....yeah...oh the days of him in one place...LOL

Enjoy...so those who have not been tagged, sister Debi, SIL Aimee, and Sarah (I can't remember if you did or not) have fun and remember pick your 4th picture folder and the 4th picture in it.

Side note, now that JD is brace free (YEAH) we are starting potting training officially today...ooooh boy, it might take a bit!!! I will let you know the progress