Thursday, August 12, 2010

Camping and more camping.

This summer we have camped 41 times!!! (Since April 10) It has been a blast. This past week we went for a week's vacation to Ogunquit, Maine. We went to the Zoo, shops, had a boat ride, campfires, pool time, mini golf (JD got 2 hole in ones)and lots of relaxing....Here are some photos of our trip....

Annie's Garden

Well our (Anne's) garden is blooming...we have tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and oregano and hopefully the peppers will come too! Anne is so proud and eats something everyday from it!!!

For Kindergarten screening, JD got a package of bean seeds, he planted them (I was wishfully thinking that he would eat what he planted) but lo and behold, he has beans growing and they are quite delicious!!!