Sunday, November 14, 2010

4 new quick posts

Read my 4 new posts below....I am sooo behind.


Jonathan and Anne's school does a big fundraiser to raise money for the PTO. It is a Jog-a-thon. The kids have to run a combined 26.2 miles with their classmates and they get a big ice cream party or something else that they decide as a class. This was one of the warmest days of the Fall Season that it was held on. Last year, JD wanted no part of it. He actually took a step out of the race and had a meltdown. This year, he was booking it. He went 3 times around. I did the last lap with both kids (separate times) because a couple of my friends were going and I thought oh what the heck. I am very proud of Anne and JD for running so far ...lots of money was raised and they had parties for it!

One picture is of JD and his very new best friend Jason. IF you saw them together, you would know why they are friends. Silly boys! Can you tell Anne needs something to drink in the last photo? oh my...

Being a Daisy

Anne is a Daisy scout. Last year, I was her leader and it was alot of work. Especially, running a daycare and having two kids. So, I kindly took a back seat. She joined a friends troop and is having a great year. These are pictures from her investiture and marching in the Veteran's day Parade. This troop is so active. We are going on a Mom/Daughter campout in April, museum trips, field trips and TONS of crafts. I think Anne has found her niche.

Anne is 7

Anne was 7 back in September and here are some photos of her big night. We had 13 of her closest girlfriends and JD go to a craft/pottery place to make animals out of pottery. She loves to do crafts and so does all her friends. It was a fun night.

Check out the cake that Doug bought, holy crap! It was beautiful, you don't want to know the price..cough..cough, Doug says you only are 7 once and should get what you want for a cake. Anne really did like it, but oh nevermind, it was fun and everyone was happy!!!

Last Camping Weekend of 2010

Well, we camped 53 times this year! I think that is a good way to start our camping lives!!! The last weekend of the year is Halloween weekend, well for the campground. It was a blast!

Anne was Jessie, it was the only costume that was a girl wearing pants. Anne is not a girly girl or a tomboy, she just likes yoga pants and sweatshirts and cute tops. She is the HARDEST person to buy clothes. Oh well. JD was Captain Rex from Star Wars, I thought it was a storm trooper, but apparently, I am old and don't know anything about Star Wars at all anymore. The two boys with JD are friends we go camping with and my Niece Emilee is Dorothy. It was such a fun weekend. I can't believe how much people decorate their campsites, one family was giving out jello shots and chicken!!! Can't wait for next year!