Friday, June 25, 2010

Tae Kwon Do Grads!!!

Hi ya!!!! Anne and JD graduated to their next Tae Kwon Do belts. JD is cameo-orange and Anne is cameo yellow. They did awesome! JD is in the front row on stage and Anne is diagonal behind on his right.

At class the other night, JD and Anne had to run around the high school track one time....JD's instructor was so proud of him, though he was last place he never gave up and Mr. Whitman ran with him the whole time!!! They are always talking about never giving up and how important it is to keep working....So proud of both of them!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

When you have some extra lemonade....

Lemonade, Lemonade look at all the cash we made. Anne and her friend had a lemonade stand today. In 3 hours they made $18.....not bad for throwing it together in like 10 minutes. Here is a picture of the sign they made...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A couple of my favorite things

To start off Anne was invited as the first Kindergartener to read to JD's class. She was so excited!!! She read "I will teach my Dog 100 words". She didn't want JD to know so we secretly dropped him off at school and went in the front door and down to his class. He loved it!!! Great thing for siblings to share, hope it keeps up through the years.

Anne reading to the class!

A couple of other things, our new camper, it is soo soo nice. I love having a "second" home!!! The kids ride bikes, swim, catch frogs, fish (well go to the fishing pond), take the dog for a walk, make crafts, make smores, get dirty, etc! It is such great family/friend time! The kids learned to play ladder golf and we got to hang with Auntie Debi, Uncle Paul, Uncle Jody, Auntie Debbie and of course Emilee! Emilee even smiled in a picture for me so I could buy her a prize....I added a picture of Cayman, our boxer cuz his eyes were so freaky looking!

Other news, JD and Anne both earned their red stripes in TaeKwonDo...Anne is working for her yellow cameo belt and JD is working for orange Cameo...Yeah!!!! So that is it, we are looking forward to many more camping trips in our camper and enjoying summer if it ever hits Boston officially!!!

Oh yeah, Go Celtics!!!

Anne waiting to hear if she received the Red stripe for her belt!

Cousins!! Anne and Emilee!

Cayman's camping eyes!

Uncle Jody and JD playing ladder golf

Cousins at the Camping pool!

Me at the campsite after kids went to bed!

JD sleeping at the table, watching Transformers!