Thursday, December 10, 2009

We will call this post, all over the board..

I haven't blogged in so long....sorry friends.

Lots of things to chat about. We did all the Brain shunt things and JD is not in need of a shunt, so to speak, right now. Both Doctors agree that his head is big and that they don't understand why he is not having symptoms, but they also agree that putting a shunt in today could open another whole can of worms. We will go back in 6 months to review everything unless he is having symptoms.

I talked to his Neurosurgeon the other day in a pretty lengthy conversation about what we have to look for, do, etc. Oh, and while I had him on the phone I discussed the "enormous egg" on his right temple. JD fell, tripped, on the way into school, the first trip he has had to the nurse's office. It was truly the largest egg I have ever see on a child. ick. He was fine, and once he got home it was like he never even got hurt.

A couple of new things, you might have saw on Facebook, Anne joined Daisy Girl Scouts and of course, I am the leader!

JD joined Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and he now loves it. The first class was a little rough and it has been hard finding someone to tailor his go yet. Now, JD loves it and his friend Charlie joined so it is great to see him Karate chop!!!

So, we have been well and keeping really busy. I hope I can get back to posting more...Have a Merry Christmas everyone!