Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok, who else is addicted to Facebook? I find myself looking on that site way too much....ugh! Is there an intervention? LOL

How many of you LP families are on there? I posted a video on there, but still can't here...what is up with that?

Oh well, I digress, off to check my FB page!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

dum dum dum da dum.....

The line from my title is from JD's favorite part of the Celtics Game minus the phrase "DEFENSE"!

We have good news!!!! We went to the ENT doctor and JD needs to replace his ear tubes, no big deal...>BUT no ADENOIDs removal.....a year ago, he had adenoids that were too big to breath and now he had an airway to his throat!!!!!! Thank god we didn't do surgery.... I can't tell you how happy I am...Go JD!!!

Just a little update on my little man, he is doing great with his speech 1/2 hour week for articulation and is just a great kid...dare I know, now that I have jinxed this,...I am not even going to say...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we all can be thankful for the incredibly great kids that we have been blessed with...Happy Turkey Day!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Celtics Game!!!

JD went to his first NBA game (the Boston Celtics)last week with Daddy!! Doug said they had such a great time! My SIL's brother works at the Boston Garden so he made sure to get JD and Doug up on the Jumbo tron several times, I attached a picture of Doug taking a picture of them on the screen...he was waiting for them to be up there!(I think like 4 times!). One of the pictures of him on the big screen he was doing "peace out"...crazy kid...everyone was cheering!!!

My Uncle was at the game and told my Dad he saw them on the Jumbo Tron! A waitress at our favorite restaurant saw them too! JD is famous (ok, Doug too!) The ate M&M's, and a hot dog!!! JD was cheering for both sides, I guess every time someone got a basket, he would just cheer!!!

Doug bought them matching Celtics hats and JD was sporting his really cool Celtics sweatsuit (thanks Auntie Debi). So all in all, he had a blast and Doug really wants to take him again!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Random thoughts

Just a couple of pictures from the last couple of weeks or so. I don't think I should post the pictures I took with JD and his friends at LPA...I didn't get permission. :( I did post a couple of random photos. My dog Cayman, who dresses as Batman each year, my brother, sister and I...and JD as a pirate...

We had a fun weekend, we took the kids to the park in our neighborhood and played hide and seek. Kids are so funny, there really is no place to hide yet they "found" poles to stand behind and slides to sit was too funny.

On Saturday night, Doug and I went to my FIL's retirement was a great time and Jack seemed to have a blast.

Tonight JD is going to his first official NBA basketball game with Daddy. The Boston Celtics!!!! Hopefully, he will enjoy the game and won't think it is too loud!!! I will have Doug take lots of pics of the night...