Monday, March 30, 2009

Trout Farm and Bowling

Anne being a lobster at the Cabby Shack.
JD's turn to be a lobster!!!
I tried to catch them all feeding the fish together...
JD and Anne watching the baby trout swim for the food.

Living on the south shore sure does have it's perks at times (especially when the weather is nice). A friend of mine told us about the Trout farm on Cape Cod. Well the Cape is only 25 minute ride and it is nice so we went on Saturday with the kids. What a great place. The best way to describe it was long bowling alley type bays filled with trout!!! You buy some food for a $.25 and feed the fish...what could be better!!! These days it is hard to find something cheap and fun to do!!! JD and Anne had a blast..the fish sort of jump out of the water to eat the pellets...

After the trout farm we went up to Plymouth for lunch and ate at the Cabby Shack and walked out on the Plymouth Jetty, it was pretty windy, so we didn't stay long but got a couple of pictures of the day!!!

On Sunday, we went bowling with Cousin Emilee and Auntie Debbie #2...we have two Auntie Debi's. We had a blast. THe kids bowled... Anne's first time without needing help...JD went up to the red line and dropped the balls and was as happy as can be. Emilee was a great bowler and came in first place...ah hem, I think she plays the Wii bowling too much!!! ha ha!!!

**Don't mind the bandaid, JD was rubbing his head on the floor as he walked and managed to get some rug burn....nice...

After bowling Deb and I took them out for food at a restaurant then back to my brother's for some more fun...all in all a great weekend was had by all.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

JD in training for the Olympics!!!

Now that we have the brace off, we (I mean JD) have been living the life. We joined Tumblefun Gymnastics today. It is a gymnastics program for 2-14 year olds. The run, jump, slide, crawl under things, walk on balance beams, swing on monkey bars and play games! It is a fun filled packed 45 minutes!!! JD loved it. He learned to do the swan, a scale, a V seat and impressed the teachers with his flexibility!!!!!

This week the theme was animals. You had to fish for an animal and bring it back to its home. JD had a camel. He got to bring it back to the desert. What a great experience and boy was he tired at the end of 45 minutes!!!!

Here are some photos of him in the class....I had to walk away a couple of times because I was cramping his "style"...god I love not having a brace....FREEDOM!!!!

Swinging like a monkey through the forest!

Walking with Miss Vicki on the beam 4ft high!!! So brave and so proud of himself!!!

JD walking with Miss Heather on the small beam, crossing over the beanie babies...

Walking across the rope ladder for the first time...doesn't look so sure does he?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Official St. Pat's Day!!!!

JD getting his Green on!!!! His shirt says "Dad's Little Leprechaun" (This is apparently JD's tough leprechaun look....LOL)

We had a visit from Lucky the Leprechaun at my preschool today...he left shamrock glasses and some gold coins for each child. Yahoo! Every year, he comes to my school and messes up the room while we are outside and leaves his hat and some footprints on the floor and tables...crazy little guy...

Oh how I love this holiday!!! Happy Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My favorite Holiday!!!! St Pat's Day!

Top o the mornin to ya!!!!

It is definetly the Irish in me...I love St. Pat's day...the parades, the parties, the drinks, etc. We started off the weekend on Saturday celebrating with all kinds of fun. The leprechaun spread "golden" coins (aka pennies) on the lawn and the kids went crazy looking for them! Thanks to Beth for a great party!!!

On Sunday, we went to the Scituate parade. We did not brave the Southie parade in Boston this year. Scituate was alot of fun. We packed sandwiches, snacks and brought a blanket and some chairs and found a nice piece of grass near the waterfront (sort of) to watch up close. Our friends showed up with their two kids and we had a blast watching all kinds of funky people march in the parade. I love wacky people and St Pat's day never fails me in seeing some!!!!

Happy St Patricks' Day everyone. May the luck of the Irish be with you!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

50th Post!!! Missing Tooth!! what a day!

Yeah, my 50th post!!! I know, I am not that great at posting to begin with but hey still cool right???? Better than sister Debi...ah hem, when did you post last? LOL

Ok, Anne lost her tooth today!!! Yippppieee! Those of you who know me well will know that teaching kids under 5 I can handle anything BUT TEETH. Especially wiggly ones. So, there was no blood and the tooth just wiggled it's own way out after 3 weeks! Anne is so happy it is contagious!!!

Let's see what else we took a cooking class with the kids and made all kinds of Valentine snacks (chocolate, cookies, candies, etc) the kids, Daddy and I loved it. JD didn't like touching the candies but we got through it.

Auntie Debi bought Rock Band on the Wii and JD loves to play the drums. He is a maniac on those drums. Emily, I was thinking if Seamus goes on the road can JD join?
Rock Band here I come!

Do you think Metallica needs a drummer?

And last but not least I got Anne to ride a bike! Last year she wasn't so sure of getting on it, even with the training wheels. This year, she loves it. Her friend Cameron is learning too, so it was fun to ride with him...sad that they have sweatshirts on and snow is in the background. Too bad the bike is a little small....but we made it for 2 hours on the 2nd day of the year that the temperature made it past 55 degrees...oh how I miss South Carolina!!!!

Cameron and Anne riding together with snow in the background!!!

Anne being cool on her princess bike!!!