Friday, September 25, 2009

3 posts in one day????

We are babysitting a bunny for a neighbor which led us into the purchase of our own new Bunny, BUDDY. Here is a picture of Anne holding Vegas the bunny and "cool Cat" from her class. Each child gets to take a turn taking Cool Cat home for a night and writing in a book to tell the class what it did at your house. Can I tell you that Anne was soooo soo excited to have this stuffed animal at our house? If I only had a video camera of her face when I went to the bus stop to get her and saw the blue bag...Oh mY! She was so happy!!!

So, here is a picture of Cool Cat and Vegas the temporary bunny at our house

JD's first day of PreK

JD started school this month too! He loves it....though he "can't" remember anyone's name and everyone is "the guy that wore the cool transformer shirt"....ha ha. He seems to be doing well there, no complaints. At first, he told me that the kids are laughing at him alot, well come to find out, he is being silly and they are laughing with him not at him...geez, he had me all upset for nothing!!!!!

The picture of all the girls and JD is the bus stop at my house...those girls go to Kindergarten with Anne and are in my they all get to go to school together. JD is the proud boy with all the ladies!!!

We carpool with the little girl next door, so that is great for building confidence in JD, he isn't always with Mom..(which I kind of enjoy the break!!)

I had to attach a picture of his Halloween costume, of course, it is a transformer, who else but Bumblebee?

Anne's First Day of Kindergarten

We have had quite a month....Anne started Kindergarten, JD started Public Preschool (the classroom right next to his big sister) and we celebrated Anne's 6th birthday, and we got a new addition to our family. Who you ask? Buddy the Bunny...he is a 9 week old Dutch bunny that Super Cool Auntie Debi bought for Anne's birthday. He is adorable and very friendly.

Here are some pictures of Anne on her first day. She was so excited!! I almost missed her getting on the bus she was so quick, luckily she paused for a kodak moment.

We went to her Open House last night and she was so cute introducing us to all her teachers, MR. G, Mrs. G and the art and gym teachers. She was so excited. She loves it there and the school is just great.

JD did not like all the attention going to his big sister, can you tell?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Orientation Day!!!

What a great day we had today!!! JD and Anne had orientations at Kindergarten and PreK!!!! (same public school, two classrooms away from each other!)

Anne has Mr. G and JD has Mrs. E .....Anne was all dressed in her skort and JD is a new cool football shirt....they did great. Anne got to see some friends from PreK and JD met some new ones in his class.

Check out the picture of the structure that they built in the bathroom for JD in his classroom, the janitor did such a great job!!! Go Mr. C....and he changed the faucets in the classroom because the faucet is on the side of the sink so the "hot" is closest to the kids, so he changed them so Cold is now on the closest side!!!! JD is able to do everything!!! I love it....not to mention it made me a little teary eyed..but luckily I know the teachers already (anne had them) and they said on his first day next Wednesday, they will give me a tissue!!!

So, I took the tradtional picture in front of the school...just like my parents did when I went to the same school. The kids had so fun...and I can't believe that I have a PreK kid and a Kindergarten kid!!!

Good luck Anne and the teachers how smart you are!!!