Monday, May 19, 2008

Make New Friends, but keep the old...

This past weekend was my friend Erica's bridal shower! It was nice seeing the old gang again. (We really need to get together more often girls) Kate and the bridemaids did such a great job. We had a nice brunch and some sangria's...(I didn't like, but hey I tried them). Erica got a ton of stuff! One of my favorite gifts that she got was a handmade quilt from her aunt, it was beautiful and huge!! What a nice gift. After the shower, Heather and I went down to Marina Bay and had a couple of was fun and we got to watch the Celtics win game 7!!!

Now, we just have the wedding to go to in June. I am sure Erica will make a beautiful June bride...she always has the coolest clothes, so I am sure her gown will be gorgeous!!!

Other things that we did this weekend we to have fun in the sun! We put the boat in the water (finally) and the kids had a blast with Daddy while Mommy was at the shower! JD was a really good fisherman and Anne even took a nap on the boat!!! Woo woo, gotta love chilling in the sun and sneaking in a nap!

Funny after I type all the words and look at the pictures, they seem all crooked...oh well, the novice blogger in me needs more practice!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My little silly kids

Well we tried to get the kids pictures done at Sears with the cousins. JD was being a little ham and trying to be silly the whole time. You will notice in the pictures of the samples here, that JD's face is all red, that is what happens when you have a kid who thinks he is hilarious in front of a bunch of people! Here is a picture of him showing the eyes pointing the other way...I had to buy a little 5x7 just to remember this moment. By the time Annie joined in, everyone was just being plain silly. Oh well, next time, I will bring more bribary to convince the kids that taking professional pictures is fun!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Been tagged, please try!!! : )

After reading a bunch of blogs tonight I thought I would start this one: Please consider yourself "tagged":

What I was doing 10 yrs ago:
Working at RRI as a Administrative Assistant trying to get the phone guy to fix my phone...he he. (those of you who don't know, the phone guy is now my great husband.)

Five things on my to do list for today: How about for tomorrow?
1. Drive Anne to preschool
2. Find activities for the week for the preschool for the letter X (any ideas?)
3. Call new payroll company
4. Water the plants I was given for Mom's Day...or else!!!!
5. Take Cayman for a walk early in the morning, maybe that should have been

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Buy a preschool building and hire the most incredible teachers and have the best school for kids that ever existed!!! Buy a house on the ocean or a lake.

Three of my bad habits: Procrastination, waiting to tell somebody something until it is too late, eating things I know will bother my stomach

Five places I have lived: Columbia, SC and my famous hometown of Marsh-Vegas...

Five jobs I have had: Bakery assistant, telemarketer, hallmark girl, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Analyst, Lead Teacher Preschool and Owner of Preschool/Daycare

Bits and Pieces of life...

First off, Happy day late Mom's day to all my "blogging" friends. I have lots to blog about but no pictures as of yet. :)

JD came off his nightly nebulizer treatment!!!! He has been on it since he was 5 months old!! Yeah, finally he can go to bed with no neb treatment, or as he says "no more Green medicine!!!" (the package is green) Knock on wood, we have no side effects a week later (I really should keep my mouth shut...LOL, I always jinx myself with this stuff.)

We went to the Red Sox game last Tuesday night and sat in Pavillion seats...oh la la. It was a very chilly night at Fenway Park, but they won and we had a great time. I will try and attach some pictures that I took from our seats! Sorry Kim, we do like the Sox.

Let's see what else is happening around here....My Dad let us borrow his bike helmet for JD and now he can ride his bike/big wheel like the "big" kids. JD had his first official playdate the other day with his best buddy Jack. Jack will be 4 in September but you would think they are the same age!!! They play so well together! It was fun to have a playdate with him, even Annie joined in the fun.

Mother's day was a good time too. JD and Anne made me breakfast in bed and gave me some pretty cool presents. Anne gave me a necklace that says "#1 Mom" and JD got me a sign for my preschool/daycare that says "BSU" is really really cool!!! Now everyone who comes to the school can see the official name...

Tonight we are going to attempt to get the grandchildren's official portrait...oh, how I hope JD cooperates, (christmas pics did not go so well). Tomorrow night I am very excited; we are going to the Patriots Celebrity Basketball Game at our local high school...I am sure Tom Brady won't be there, but we can settle for 2nd or 3rd string players...I will post about it on Wednesday!!!

I will post some pictures tomorrow!