Monday, April 20, 2009

Just to catch up!

Kind of a scrambled post!!!!! We went to the Boston CHildren's musuem one really, really wet Friday night...why I am not sure? Gluten for punishment, maybe? The kids had a blast, how could you not at a place made for just kids???? On Friday nights, it is only $1 for admission, how can you beat that? As opposed to spending $45 for a family of 4 to enter the building. JD liked the water table room, the golf ball room and the construction room, (big front loaders, bob cats, etc to climb on!!! a little boy's dream). Anne liked the shopping room (that's my girl) and the rock climbing wall.

The other pictures of Easter are from my grandfather's annual Easter Egg hunt which is also in Boston. Actually this year was held on Boston College's campus for 300 kids! I should mention that my Grandfather passed away almost 27 years ago...and his tradition of doing things for the kids of Boston still holds strong!!! They put 16,000 eggs out and everyone runs wild...well except for JD, he is NOT fond of the Easter Bunny, the thought of the Easter Bunny, the looks of the EB, etc. He went for a short walk with Daddy to check out the fire trucks. That was more up his alley!!!

So, jumbled post but still fun. The picture of the kids with socks on their hands is a puppet show where they made the sock puppets. JD was a snake, and Anne was a beautiful princess....

Hope everyone has a great week....Go Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics!!!! Yeah Boston.