Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick Really good update

JD went to the Orthopedic today for his 6 month check up...and after 2 years and 5 days, (not that I am counting) he does NOT have to wear his brace anymore.

The Dr. said his back looks great (better than ever), the wedging looks great, his legs/feet are great....GREAT GREAT....

Did I mention it has been 2 years and 5 days?

I am so physced it is kind of more brace, no more onesies and he can finally wear regular shirts and sweaters, I must get shopping!!!!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day late (ok a month late)dollar short

Ok, so I never posted pics of the kids on Christmas. We had a great day! The kids loved every second of the 5 minutes it took to open presents....LOL

Here are a couple of highlights:

1. Spreading reindeer food on the lawn for Santa and friends. Picture of the kids with their bags and new pjs before heading outdoors...

2. Mrs. Claus calling on Christmas morning to make sure Santa had done his "job". Jonathan wasn't really wanting to get on the phone, but Anne sure did, she was walking around the house and then sat down to chat while eating her breakfast. Thanks Mrs. Claus! You rock.

3. We got the Wii. Need I say more, this machine is the best. JD is so good at it. We even got the grandparents to box on Christmas Morning. Sister Debi bought us Guitar Hero...and I am embarrassed to say I can't get past beginner level on Living on a Prayer...ugh, I always get boo'ed...

4. We went to Frog Pond in Boston the day after Christmas for some ice skating...then back to my Uncle's new apartment. I hope this becomes a tradition, it was alot of fun to see all my cousins and their kids and spend time with family. What a great day!!! JD did not take to the ice, but Anne, Auntie Debi, Uncle Paul and I did...what a fun trip.

JD's favorite place to look out the window at Uncle Patrick's house, he said to me, "I like this Boston better than the hospital." Poor kid only goes in town when we have appointments.

Can you see JD in the green Celtics hat with my Mom?

Look Mom, no hands!!!

So, all in all we have had a busy month...we have so many birthdays. Happy Birthday to me, Jack, Mom, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Patty, Uncle Gerald, and anyone else I forgot!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I H*** Insurance companies

Where do I start? Today is my birthday...thank you to all who sent Birthday wishes on Facebook. It started out sort of I need to worry about here goes:

Doug calls me around 9am and says "did you read" Um, no, I have 10 kids here getting dropped off...LOL. So, Doug continues, "The hospital that we take JD to is as of January 31st not accepting our insurance, not to just us, to 1000's of patients" Ok, now the 10 kids are running, playing and all I can say is ...WHAT???? The doctors have decided that they don't get paid enough for their work and are no longer going to take a major insurance company. I just don't understand why they are doing this.....well, I kind of understand that no one thinks they get paid enough, but couldnt' they just rewrite their contracts to a higher rate.

I am sorry but this is freaking me out. We have 6 specialists there, ortho, neuro, pulmo (added the o for good measure) eye doctor and MRI, etc. My luck is that our ortho appointment is 2/2/ I called and practically begged for an earlier appt (not easy to do with MS. Friendly on the phone...LOL) so I got one on 1/29.

JD wears a brace and has not for about a month now because it is way too tight...WAY TOO TIGHT...he has worn it everyday for 2 years minus these 4 weeks and I need do we get the brace covered now? How am I going to get an appointment in Boston in the next month without fighting everyone else who is looking for new doctors....ugh ugh.

Now mind you and please keep this between you and I .........please hush, JD has not been sick in months, maybe even a year....oh god, I shouldn't even say out loud, but I did...but you know what is going to happen, god forbid...ok enough no more chatter...

I do feel a little better, I have had 1 cupcake and 1 piece of cake and two kids smiling at me all day giving kisses and hugs (god, kids love birthdays) and I am trying not to stress about finding 6 new doctors....

I digress and not going to think more about it tonight. If any of you want to start an insurance group to cover all expenses at all hospitals...that would be great. In the meantime, I might just go and have some more cake...and is good.

Happy Trails everyone!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Photo of the kids

So late, but better than never. We got the kids professional pictures done and well, I didn't send out as many as I usually do...only 25. I hope everyone had a nice New Year's!!!!