Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

The Northeast has been hit with some heavy rains this weekend! Ick, makes for some cabin fever!!!

We used our time wisely. Yesterday I went shopping with JD for an anniversary present for Doug. Our anniversary is today (6 years!) and the traditional gifts were chocolate, iron and wood. Well, last year it was wood too and I bought Doug a Japanese Maple Tree. How romantic right? The tree is tiny and is in our yard, but it is fun to care for and now it is a memory of our anniversary!!! So, I couldn't think of anything fun for iron, chocolate or wood...I ended up buying a fire pit made of iron!!! Doug has been dying for a fire pit and I thought he would love it...I was right! Score for Jill.

For our anniversary, we got our new favorite babysitter Madison to come over so we could go for a very delicious dinner last night. Have I mentioned how much the kids love Madison (she is my cousin and is 13) but oh boy, I love the fact that she plays with the kids the whole time. She even made a huge sign with JD and Anne that said "Happy Anniversary" and hung it on the wall in the kitchen!!!She is the best!!! Thanks Madison for a great night out!

We went bowling today. It was JD's first time actually bowling(he has been several times), he did great. This time he was even "big" enough to finally fit in the shoes!!! Oh boy, watch out they are slippery. He did very well. No strikes but lots of fun. I will attach pics when I download them on my other computer.

This post has turned into a potpourri of information. Sorry for the rambles...I get ahead of myself sometimes. I thought I had nothing to say and then BAM as I type I can think of 12 things to share....for instance,

JD and Anne had Open House at the Elementary School. They are in the same classroom, JD just sits in the back with the speech teacher. Everyone was so excited to show us around...Mrs. Lester thinks JD should come to school 2 days a week, because she said he is the smartest 3 year old she has worked with in a long time!!! Yeah JD! We are still keeping him home though...he is in my preschool 5 days a week and doing just great. Anne was so proud to show us her classroom and all the artwork she has done so far this year. She loves school so much!!!!

I am off to finish laundry...I will post some pics soon!

Friday, September 19, 2008

First Day of School

Wow! JD, uh, I mean JON did great for his first day!!! He was rearing to go just by putting on his shirt!!! Bye Mom, is all I heard all morning!!!

His teacher Mrs. L came to get him, and he walked with her down the hall in the elementary school ALL BY HIMSELF. I really never thought he wouldn't, but I tell ya, it was nice to have him so willing to go with her. Leaving on the other hand he was an emotional mess. I don't want to go home, I want to stay at "tool"<--- why he is going to speech, LOL.

All in all, he loved it and can't wait for next week!!! Enjoy his pictures!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Off to school!!!

Anne started her first day of PreK last week! Same teachers, same kids as last year so it was a breeze to drop her off with all her buddies!!!She goes to the intergrated program at the Elementary School. I actually went there when I was a kid (the school not the PreK). She loves it. It is 4 days a week for 2 hours and 45 minutes. She can see her friends in the Kindergarten which is so cool!!!

On another note, JD is going to the same school!!! If you remember correctly, he was tested for speech back in June and passed with flying colors, but the teacher approached me the other day and asked if they could do some "articulation" speech classes with him for 1/2 hour a week. She feels it will be a great way for the elementary school to get "ready" for him (oh boy are they going to need to get ready LOL) So, he will go on Thursdays for 1/2 hour by himself with the speech pathologist and hopefully he will not rule the classroom. He is so excited to be in the classroom like "annie"...I will fill you in oh how he does on Thursday.

Funny story about my little man, he is a talker (really he doesn't stop talking EVER) so everyday in my daycare/preschool, he talks all through lunch and always misses the book and puzzle time after lunch because of his constant chatter. So, the woman the works with me says to him

Miss Sandy: Jonathan, do you know why you always miss book and puzzle time?
JOnathan: Why MIss Sandy?
Miss sandy: Because you are talking too much while you are eating....
Jonathan: Then stop talking to me.

I almost fell over with laughter, it was really funny. Typical JD..who now occasionally wants to be called "J-O-N" and he will spell it for you. So, JD, JON or Jonathan we wish you luck at your big kid school on Thursday, and more luck to the teacher LOL

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good news all around!!!

We had such a good day today! JD had his first dentist appointment and all looks really good, no cavities and he even opened wide for the dentist. Anne was great with her appointment too, no cavities for these kids. (hopefully they have my good teeth, and my OCD about brushing)

We had JD's 3 year check up today as well. The medical center we go to is so far behind in appts! JD grew an inch in a year!!!! I couldn't believe it. I think all the other times, they measured on the table but today JD was standing up against the wall. So, he is 30.25 inches tall (76 3/4cm)and 29 lbs, a little on the chunky we might have to cut down his enormous breakfast down to something smaller. I am sure it is closer to 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch, but hey it was fun, JD was really excited to mark his height down on the chart for the DR.

In other exciting news, the DR asked JD to draw a circle, which he did great, and then he drew a triangle, the DR said "nice triangle Jonathan" and Jonathan replied, "that's not a triangle, it is a camping tent...." he was shocked. JD has an answer for everything. I have to admit, I was pretty damn proud of the kid. He knocked the socks off everyone in the office. They must have given him 20 stickers...spoiled???? He loved it.

I have to admit, I really liked having a very positive DR experience!!!! Since our last one was about his possible Shunt...I will take these well checks any time!!!