Friday, October 31, 2008

LPA Regional and misc stuff!

Happy Halloween everyone! I just wanted to post about our happenings. We attended District One's Regional Meeting. It was alot of fun. JD met a friend for the first time since going to 6 of them now!!! He and Owen played for 2 hours in the kid room and then we danced and had a great time. JD was telling all the girls to play with him...I attached a picture of his friends. It was a good time. I enjoy meeting new LP's and getting valuable information at the parents meetings. Tonight is Halloween and JD is a pirate and Anne is a cheerleader!!! I will post some pics soon.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tag: I am it!!

I have been tagged by Kim, Here goes:

10 Years Ago I
1) started my first "real" job after college....admin assistant, wait wasn't my degree in teaching...LOL
2) Met my husband at work, total computer geek, ah hem, phone guy...
3) bought my first house by myself...woo hoo! still here!
4) was having a blast hanging with friends, future husband etc.
5) I went to the gym almost all the time (to impress soon to be hubby...)

Things on tomorrow's to-do list

1) Try not to sign on to facebook, (why is it so addictive?)
2) watch 10 kids in my daycare including a 9 week old cute...
3)Figure out how to get to the Wine and cheese party LPA District 1 is having....
4) Take Anne to school
5) Go to Roche Brothers and fascinate Amy how thrifty I am....

Things I would do if I were a millionaire

1) Pay off my mortgage
2) PUt money aside for the kids for whatever they need it for.
3) Give some money to family to help everyone be happy
4) Take my family on a kick A** trip to the caribbean...
5) Remodel my house so I can have a great kitchen....

5 Places I have lived

1) Marshfield
2) Marshfield
3) Marshfield
4) Columbia South Carolina
5) No worries Kim, I only have 2...REALLY pathetic

5 jobs I have had

1) Paper carrier
2) Bakery Girl
3) Hallmark cashier, um, gift store girl
4) Nanny
5) daycare Provider/Preschool teacher

Hmmmm, I tag my sister Debi (who never blogs), Sarah, Jaime and Aunt Mary on Facebook...hee hee...gotcha!

Great news everyone!!!!!

The best words you can hear from your most favorite Neurosurgeon/....


I can't believe it...well yes I can, JD, JON, Jonathan, has done so many good things in the past year that I should not have been worried...but come on, he has achondroplasia...there is so much to worry about. Plus, I worry about everything, I think the worst, then when good stuff happens it seems so much better...not a trait I hope my children pick up.LOL

I am happy to report, that through my neurotic (is that a word?) medical behaviors, we are in the clear til next May or June (depending on an opening for an appointment) with Dr. H. He is the greatest, I trust him completely...

So, tonight I sit and laugh and play with my two great kids and hope that we have many happy times ahead...

God yesterday was tough, I was so scared and now I think "why"...but I know why, I don't want my son to be in this situation, but hey he is, and if you saw him lying on the bed to enter the would be so proud, he turned to daddy and said "can I get a blue and red race car when I am done?" I cried my head off, if that is even normal to say, but I did. The anethesialogist (why can't I spell that?) just said to me "take a minute and kiss your son, we have time...."...ugh...what a tough day...but now SOOO WORTH IT.... no brain surgery..I can't even tell you how happy we are...

Good night to everyone and thanks for the prayers, they truly worked!! :)

Medical SMedical

JD had an MRI yesterday. What a grueling process on Tuesday trying to find a doctor in the anthesia department....I spent 4 hours at the hospital and found the most amazing doctor (pedi anthesialogist (sp)). He took time out of his surgery to speak with me and JD....great stuff.

I was a nervous wreck yesterday, I could not really think straight. I knew what was going to happen. JD couldn't eat for what seemed liked days (just 14 hours) and he did REALLY REALLY WELL. He even said to Doug and I "I will just eat 2 bites and be done..."

With all the precautions for having a breathing tube (intubation, LMA) he ended up just using a mask...and breathing on his own!!!! Yeah JD.

Now I await the results. Dr. H is supposed to call me today and let me know, I hope to God that is ok.

I will post when I know more : ) Save a prayer for JD if you can that he will not need a shunt or decompression surgery......I will be a nervous wreck again....