Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Trip to NH

This time we brought the kids! We rented my Uncle Stephen's friends cabin in NH. It was right on a river and the kids loved looking out the window, while playing DSi's, looking for wildlife! It was fun to have cousin Emilee with us for a couple of days too. The kids love having her around! We got to bring our dog Cayman the laid back Boxer...ha ha. I should have taken pics of him sleeping on all the furniture....

Anne was going to try skiing but was a little intimidated by the chair lift and at Cranmore Mountain they don't have the magic carpet to bring her to the top. So, we all went tubing! I love tubing, JD not so much. He did go down once and say he had "super fun" but didn't want to do it again.

On Sunday for Valentine's Day, Doug and I rented a double sled (snowmobile) and went for a 32 mile guided tour with 4 other sleds. At first it was very intimidating to drive even 15 miles an hour but by the end of the trip we got up to 45 miles and it was so much fun! I can't wait to go again, though this time I will drive my own sled instead of being a passenger!!!

Our New Home

The weekend I got back we bought a trailer for our camping adventures! the kids are beyond excited and I have to admit, I am really excited too. I love camping, the fires, good company, the food and relaxation! Here are some photos of our new place!!! We pick it up at the end of March beginning of April.

Girls Weekend Away

The weekend of January 16th, 5 girls went away for the entire weekend to North Conway, New Hampshire. We had lots of fun....dinner, shopping, tubing, and drinks!!! We hope to make it an annual trip. The husbands/boyfriends survived without us, so we know we can do it!!! Thanks to Sister Debi, Pretend sisters Jen and Heather and Sister in Law Debbie for a great weekend. Can't wait til next year!