Sunday, September 12, 2010

Soccer, soccer, soccer.

JD and Anne had their first soccer games on Saturday. Anne is now playing with a referee and actual soccer rules. She did well!!! Her team is named Italy. She only knows one girl (who used to come to my daycare). Anne didn't really say much after the game, just that the white team (holland) was all her friends. So, I am not sure if she is a soccer star or not. She does play really well but we shall see how the season goes!

JD is on the Green Monsters (little Red Sox spin I guess) and he did great. The poor kid, I have to tailor his shirt, it was like a dress on him, but it didn't stop him at all. He has 3 boys on the team from school, so he was so happy. He is quite the soccer player!!! We never did find cleats for him, but some of the other kids didn't have them on either, shin guards were a must, now to find socks to wear over them!!

Enjoy the pictures!

Anne before the start of the game. Harder to get pictures of the older kids, they move too quickly!

JD was picked alot to throw the ball in...
Working his way around the field.
His new friend from kindergarten
Doing a red light, green light drill.
Trying his soccer gear on while camping!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ok, Tears were shed....

Anne started 1st grade last week on Tuesday August 31, 2010...she was so excited and had so many friend in her class. She was utterly exhausted when she got home. Here she is getting on and off the bus. The weather was a perfect 100 degrees..**sigh** it looked like each kid was showered when they got off the bus.

I only have the one picture of JD getting on the bus, well because he just left about 2 hours ago....enjoy!