Monday, June 15, 2009

3 posts in one day....what is going on? lol

Believe it or not, the sun did come out on Saturday this past weekend. I made a mad dash for the beach. We live 3/10 of a mile from the beach and never go. This year I made a decision to go anytime there is sun. The kids loved every minute. JD is finally walking barefoot in the sand. Anne won't/can't/shouldn't get out of the water, she gets all sandy, wet and gooey and loves every minute of it!!!

JD took a little snooze at the beach, he went right under Miss Laurie's umbrella and went to sleep. Nice!!!!

I don't dare go into the ocean EVER....even in 90 degree weather, it is still ice cold here in Mass. Oh well, sitting on the beach, reading a book, kids having a blast...what is better?

504 and JD's new school

These pictures are some of the accomodations that the other elementary school in our town has made for another little person in our town!! She is in the 5th grade and we are very friendly with her parents. They were so nice to share stories, pictures, etc with me. I was able to have Maddy "walk" me around to show me everything in her school for truly was eye opening and very reassuring for me. I learned that other than a few simple hygiene accomodations, there wasn't much that needs to be changed. I am glad to have the oppurtunity to have gone there and talk to so many wonderful teachers, and administrators. (plus many of JD's teachers, I had when I was little, so that was fun seeing them

We have finally got our written 504 plan for JD. We have met with the school he is attending in the fall (the same school he will go K-5) and they have been nothing but great. We have a relationship with his teacher already as she is Annie's teacher currently. They are buying a new water table, adjusting the faucet so he can reach, making a platform for hand washing, platform for the toilet, etc. They have been great and we are quite pleased with our outcome!!!

Now, are they ready for JD???? LOL Ready or not,, here he comes!!!!

Camping for Memorial Day Wknd

We rented a pop up trailer for Memorial Day weekend and took the kids camping in Brewster (Cape Cod). My kids love to camp...right after my own heart!!! I love hanging by the fire, exploring the area we are camping at...eating off the fire pit...etc.

We tried to go "fishing" ... but the weather here in New England, Specifically the south shore of Massachusetts has been HORRIBLE...seriously we went from spring to fall..60s with no sight of the sun. The kids didn't mind the sprinkles of rain we got while camping, they only lasted minutes...

All in all, we had a great time. We are looking to get bikes for everyone so we can have another thing to do while we are camping, there were so many bike trails at this state park, it would have been great to have a bike!!!! Next time!!!