Sunday, June 29, 2008

I jinxed myself : (

I was talking to my Mom today and I foolishly said "Geez, since JD came off his Pulmicort a month ago, he hasn't had a runny nose, illness or anything" Why, why, why did I speak these words????? He came home from playing at the boat with Daddy and Anne and he has a fever of 103.5. We called the DR...said all the old usual things and did everything we are supposed to do (bath, motrin, tylenol after an hour, etc.) After an hour he went down to 102.7 THANK GOD. I literally had a bag packed for the little man to head to the ER. He is so tired, we went on a mini vacation this weekend, I will blog about it later...we had some fun, apparently too much!

JD is sleeping peacefully albeit a little hot, but asleep. He is such a trooper. The poor kid is such a good patient. I tried to give him another bath and he just said "I already took a bath, I don't need another one." Being JD though he did it with a smile on his face. Let's hope tomorrow brings a happy, healthy JD....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weddings, Father's day and some boating!!!

To catch up and keep to my promise of being a good blogger...I will tell you about the last couple of events we have done.

First is Erica's wedding! It was beautiful, the weather, the bride, the setting, etc. It was so great to hang out with the "old" gang again. Did we get too crazy towards the end of the night? I will never tell. I attached some pictures, one thing that was hilarious is Erica's little flower girl, Autumn, asked her mom during the ceremony if she could sit...well little did Mom know she would pull up a chair to the ceremony was hysterical. Congrats to Erica and Greg, and I wish you many years of happiness!!!

Off to Father's Day...we started the day with breakfast in bed. I was so proud of my new waffle maker. The kids were beside themselves to bring Dad breakfast in bed. He got waffles, blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream. From the kitchen to the bedroom, the kids were chanting "daddy, daddy" It was a great morning. Then we headed to my Dad's house (pops) to spend some time there. We ate some pizza and enjoyed some fun family time. Jody, Debbie, Emilee, Debi and Paul were there as well, we had some fun. Auntie Debi is quickly learning to play JD's favorite game of Memory. Debi could you please watch Dora the Explorer a couple of times so you can learn all the key names? he he. JD has so many Memory Games...So I attached some pics of that day as well. Then we headed off to Grandpa's house. The picture of the 3 kids is of Grandpa...the kids had a blast playing together there too. A long day but a fun day!

Boat time! Over the weekend was my sister's best friend 30 bday, so we decided to take her out on the boat for the day. We had alot of fun. We went sight seeing down through Plymouth Harbor and saw all the important landmarks from the ocean side. The Mayflower, the plymouth Rock, the Gurnet lighthouse, etc. We ate lunch out near an island in Duxbury and tooled around the ocean for like 5 hours or so. It was very relaxing and I think everyone had a good time. Happy Birthday Christy!!!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do you like feet?

Ok, just so all my friends and family know after 34 years...I finally had a pedicure today. Annie and I were bored and I thought what the heck. I did enjoy the relaxing massage chair and the nice leg massage. Anne got bright pink nails and feet with daises on them. She sat for 1/2 hour with out a movement in the chair. I will take a picture to share with you : )

Where have I been? Geez, I need to get out more. I have never ever liked to show my feet but now maybe I just might. My feet were getting too hot in the covered sneakers working with preschoolers all day....

Can't wait for my next one!!! Anyone want to come with me????

Just an update

I was told by my sister(thanks Debi and Paul, LOL) that I am not a good blogger. I haven't updated in a bit. So, I am going to try and keep up with it. I love to read others blogs so why not mine?

JD had a Speech/Communication evaluation by the public school on June 2 & 9. He is currently in Early Intervention but they turn him over to the public schools on his
3rd birthday (which is in 3 weeks, I can't believe it) so I had him tested for Speech and Communication skills. I knew he was doing good but I wanted to confirm. We have made the decision to keep him home next year if he does well. Well, our little man has proven himself!!! We couldn't be happier. They have no reason to suspect a speech issue that needs "assistance" at this time. My underlying concern is that with him looking small, people, mainly teachers, will be ok with an articulation issue or a cognitive issue. We will not be ok with it, so we want to nip it in the bud if it is coming. So here are his results!!!!

Auditory Comprehension 118 Standard Score 88 % Rank
Expressive Communication 106 Standard Score 66 %Rank

Expressive One word Picture Vocabulary Test R
106 Standard Score 66 %Rank

Goldman FIrstoe Test of Articulation (GFTA)
90 Standard Score 32%Rank

So, as you can see if you look at the best score being 100 (standard score), JD did awesome!!! This is where I can brag!! What a smart boy. The expressive test was just a flip book of pictures and he had to name them, and the teacher doesn't respond yes or no, just "thank You'...I thought the only one he didn't understand was a picture of a skeleton. He stared at the picture and kept saying "ummm ummm" then he yells out "a body!" I had to laugh, hey it is a body right? My smart guy.

So, needless to say the plans for this kid for the near future are staying at home in my home daycare/preschool with 10 kids a day then next year he will go to public pre-K in elementary school.

We went on the boat yesterday with AUntie Debi and her friends and we took a bunch of pictures...PS...please send to me!!!

So, when I get them, I will post.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer is unofficially here!

I haven't blogged in a bit because we have been so busy these days. Our Memorial Day weekend was a blast, we went mini golfing, to a cookout at Laurie's house, a parade (where we managed to get alot of candy!!) and our favorite ice cream store opened for the summer!!! We love the unofficial start of Summer in New England!
Anne and JD had such a blast at Mini golf, we have to go back soon.

At the cookout there was a tire swing, and Anne cautiously watched as Shawn was being swirled all around and up and down. Now if you know Anne she is cautiously anxious about things. She watched and asked alot of questions about the swing. "can you fall off", "how high does it go?" and "is it tied tightly to the tree"...after about 2 hours of watching kids swinging on it, she jumped on and loved it. Here is a picture of her enjoying her cute little self.

On to the boat, JD and Anne had their official first 2008 boat ride today. It was a little hairy at first. JD didn't like when the boat moved too much and he was very tightly holding on to me when Daddy took off out of the slip. JD would not even look up. He just sat on my lap saying "I am ok, momma". Well, after an hour he wasn't the same little boy, he and Anne were fishing and having a great time eating snacks and sitting on the side of the boat. Daddy bought a remote control boat for the "kids" he he, I am sure Daddy wanted it too LOL but they put it in the ocean and off it went. These are a couple of pictures of them fishing, eating and lying down underneath resting for a nap. Gotta love the fresh salt air around nap time!!! If you look in the background of 2 of the pictures you will notice a Wizard of Oz looking sky...that's right, we ended up with Lightning, thunder and a little rain shower for our first adventure...luckily we were headed in anyways but it got scary for a few minutes. Now we are at home and the sun is shining again. Umph!

We also bought Nanny a cake for her hip surgery. She has waited a LONG time to get her hip replaced and is FINALLY going to get it done on Wednesday. We are going to miss her terribly in the daycare (she works with me) but now when she is in full recovery, she will be a brand new bionic woman! Good luck Mom, aka Nanny...we wish you a speedy recovery! We bought her a cake for good luck, I wasn't sure what to write on it, so I was a little creative. It was yummy!