Monday, July 13, 2009

Ahoy matey...JD is 4!

Well, folks JD is 4!!! I can't believe it. We had an awesome time at a pirate ship down in Plymouth Mass. The kids were so excited!!!! We had 10 of JD's best buddies and family members help us on the mission to find the treasure, out in the ocean!!!!

When we arrived each kid got a face painting or a tattoo and a hat! Then we boarded the ship. Captain Paul explained our mission, with a map and all. We headed out into the harbor and looked for a pirate ship....once we found this icky looking man, we were able to shoot him with water cannons!! Hello, give 10 kids water cannons to shoot...are you kidding me? This was great. Then we had to rescue the treasure chest he was holding ransom...we almost had to sacrifice Charlie's 12 year old sister, Maddy, but we were lucky, he surrended!! Full of booty...each kid got a bag of booty to take home.

Then we pulled up a lobster trap filled with spider crabs that we had a race to see who won! number 3 was a clear winner! JD got to band the lobsters claws!!! Then we had some cake and did the limbo and the hokey pokey!!! JD got to drive the boat too. He was a great listener and got a certificate for being such a good boat driver...(Daddy must have taught him well on our boat.)

Phew, what a fun packed 1 1/2 hours that trip was!!!!

JD had a blast and we did too! Fun stuff being a 4 year old. Happy Birthday little man, we love you!!! Don't forget you said now that you are 4 you will eat vegetables all the time..... :)