Saturday, February 26, 2011

Motorcross Fun

On January 7th, we took the kids to the Worcester DCU Center for the Motorcross event. It was awesome! Anne loved it as much as JD did. We thought she might possibly be bored with it, but it really was a fun cheap family night out. Those guys on the bikes are nuts. They flip in the air, jump off their seats and dance all around the bikes. It was so fun to hear them announce each driver and their silly names. Great night! Next time, I want to see the Monster Trucks.


Emily said...

Next time, we definitely need to join you! Seamus would have loved it! Looks like a great night. Let's keep an eye out for events that we can meet up at!

Kim said...

You are a rockin' mama! That does look like something that would interest the P-man. What great great great family pictures of you guys!

Greene Family said...

Sounds like a fun night! Great pics! Simon and Jude would love that.